Rutgers turns orange for prevention of sexual violence

It's two years since the #MeToo movement started. From Monday, 25 November, organisations all over the world, under the name 'Orange the world', will campaign for 16 days for the prevention of violence against women. Rutgers will also colour orange and will advocate for more focus on the prevention of sexual harassment and violence, in the Netherlands and abroad.

In the Netherlands more than half of women and almost a fifth of men have to deal with sexual acts against their will. Sex under the age of 25 (Rutgers, Soa AIDS Netherlands, 2017) shows that 14% of girls and 3% of boys have ever experienced sexual violence. That is far too much. It’s about time that the prevention of sexual violence in the Netherlands is put high on the agenda! 

Rutgers believes that the Netherlands needs a cultural change. A culture in which everyone understands that this kind of behaviour is really unacceptable. And a culture in which the sexuality of men and women is equal, in which sexual coercive behaviour is no longer considered tough and is taken seriously. A culture without stereotypes for femininity, masculinity and sexuality. Everyone can play a role in this: from parents to politics, in education and healthcare, at pop venues and festivals. And of course first and foremost young people themselves!


The International Day for the prevention of Violence against Women is on 25 November. From that day until 10 December (International Day of Human Rights) there will be 16 days of worldwide action under the name 'Orange the world'. Orange stands for the dawn; a sunny future without violence against women and girls.

Organisations in the Netherlands are also taking action with the #OrangeTheWorldNL hashtag. In the Netherlands, not only municipalities, provinces and civil society organisations will colour orange in the fight against violence against women, but social media will also take part.

Focus on prevention 

During the 16 days, in the Netherlands Rutgers will show through social media what parents, politics, education, healthcare and nightlife can do to prevent violence against women. Through the public campaigns 'Are you okay?' and 'Generation Yes... and?' Rutgers will involve young people in the campaign.


Internationally, through the Prevention+ programme, Rutgers shows how men and boys are involved in the prevention of gender-related violence. Attention is also paid to sexual education: as young people learn to respect their own wishes and boundaries and those of others, this contributes to the prevention of violence.

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