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Interested in using Rutgers' gender transformative approach in SRHR in programmes? Find out more about our approach and how to implement it.

Contributing to a gender-just and violence-free society - factsheet

Rutgers' innovative and comprehensive toolkit for implementing a gender transformative approach has proven to lead to better outcomes. 
With this toolkit we aim to contribute to gender-just and violence-free societies. This factsheet sheds a light on why and how.

You can download the factsheet through this link.



GTA Toolkit

Our GTA toolkit comprises 5 modules

Gender Transformative Approach Toolkit Module 1: Six Interrelated Components and the Socio-Ecological Model

Rutgers' innovative and comprehensive toolkit for implementing a gender transformative approach has proven to lead to better outcomes. The first module of the toolkit can be implemented in existing and future SRHR and GBV prevention programmes.

Click on the image to download manual 1, the hand outs accompanying manual, and the PowerPoint presentation.



Gender Transformative Approach Toolkit Module 2: GTA and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) is five times more likely to be successful in preventing unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) when it pays explicit attention to the topics of gender and power. This module aims to achieve the following:

  • Enhance understanding of Rutgers’ gender transformative approach by applying GTA principles to CSE
  • Turn the theoretical interpretation of the GTA into tangible comprehensive sexuality education practice and programmes
  • Inspire individuals and organisations to adopt a GTA by offering accessible programmes, tools & ideas drawing from examples within & outside of CSE programming

Click on the image to download manual 2 and the handouts accompanying the manual.


Gender Transformative Approach Toolkit  Module 3: Gender transformative approach and youth-friendly services

By applying a gender transformative approach (GTA) to youth-friendly services (YFS) this module aims to generate increased awareness and critical thinking on gender and power imbalances. The module stimulates a process of transformation that starts at the individual level, influencing the knowledge, attitudes and skills of healthcare providers to become more gender equitable. This module recognises the challenges that healthcare workers might encounter in their work in making considered decisions. The aim of the module is to provide tools to support this process, that ultimately will benefit the SRH outcomes of young people that seek services.

Click on the image to downlaod manual 3


Gender Transformative Approach Toolkit Module 4: GTA and advocacy: Adopting a Gender Transformative Approach to Advocacy in the Area of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

This module of the Gender Transformative Toolkit is developed for SRHR advocates, who want to strengthen their advocacy work in the area of gender and power relations. It focuses on how SRHR-related advocacy work can be made more gender transformative. Thus contributing to gender equality, in addition to achieving the desired SRHR outcomes. Practical steps are set out on applying a gender transformative approach to SRHR advocacy. 

Click on the image to download manual 4 and the hand outs accompanying manual.


GTA Toolkit Module 5: Gender transformative approach at the level of organisations and institutions

Organisations and institutions should acknowledge the deeply entrenched values, norms and related practices that sustain and promote gender injustice. Equally, it is no longer acceptable for organisations that promote gender equality to just say the right thing. To achieve lasting, positive change in the lives of men, women, boys and girls, organisations that work on gender transformation must hold themselves accountable and model the behaviour and change that they want to see in the world. 

This module is targeted at SRHR and gender justice organisations that are willing to reflect on how they can internally create or improve the culture, values and actions that they want to see in the world. 

Click on the image to download manual 5.


French versions

Find French version of the Rutgers Gender Transformative Approach toolkit here.


Gender Transformative Approach Toolkit guide to theory

For more information on theoretical background of Gender Transformative Approach in sexual and reproductive health and rights, and gender-based violence programmes, we developped this theoritical guide.

Click on the image to go to the download.



GTA quick scan

Are you curious to know what gender-transformative programming means? And would you like to know how gender-transformative your programmes already are? Come and find out by making use of this accessible GTA quick scan! Click on the image to download the online version of the quick scan, instructions can be found inside. 

If you prefere to print the GTA quick scan, find a printversion here.




Operational Research

When young people seek a sexual and reproductive health service they will meet and interact with a healthcare provider. Healthcare providers therefore play a key role in the provision of sexual and reproductive health services to young people. A study was done to understand the effects of the training on their gender and sexuality-related attitudes and beliefs and on the quality and inclusiveness of the sexual and reproductive health services they provide to young people, especially women and girls.

Find research reports on GTA & YFS and GTA & CSE here.





Zopher is a 25 year-old youth councillor and health worker in Bondo, Kenya. He spends his days speaking to youth, such as this young couple, about sexual health and rights and about harmful gender norms that too often dominate behaviour, leading to unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortions, HIV/AIDS, abusive relationships and more. Zopher isn’t just a health worker, though, he’s a listening ear, he is support, he is a non-judgemental source of vital information and he is a lifeline to so many young Kenyans with nowhere else to turn. Read Zopher’s story here.



Discover what makes our gender transformative approach unique, in this factsheet.

Knowledge file 

A comprehenise overview of Rutgers' research and vision on gender transformative approaches can be found in our knowledge file on this subject.

Knowledge File Gender Transformative Approaches 



Sex ed talks: strengthening your CSE programme by addressing gender and power 

Did you know that sexuality education is five times more effective when it pays explicit attention to gender and power? Rutgers hosted an interactive webinar to discuss how to tackle this issue, and presents its newest training module: Gender transformative approaches and comprehensive sexuality education. Rewatch the webinar here







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