Operational Research

Interested in Operational Research on Rutgers' gender transformative approach in SRHR in programmes? Read our reports on GTA & Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE), and GTA & Youth Friendly Services (YFS) here.

Evidence brief Kenya

When young people seek a sexual and reproductive health (SRH) service they have to meet a healthcare provider. Critical to exercising their right to access SRH services are the attitudes of health professionals. Evidence shows that building the capacity of healthcare providers in the Gender Transformative Approach improved the SRHR of young people. Click on the image to read the Evidence brief on GTA and YFS (Youth Friendly Services) in Kenya.


Gender Transformative Approaches to improving Youth SRHR

If you are interested in reading the full research report on GTA and YFS,
you can download the report by clicking the image of the report on the left.





Evidence brief Zambia

Teachers  are socialized in an environment with specific norms around gender and sexuality. This influences the way they teach Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). Evidence shows that a gender transformative approach (GTA) engages teachers in critically examining these norms and strengthens their CSE teaching.
Click on the image to read the evidence brief on GTA and CSE in Zambia.




Enhancing sexuality education through a gender transformative approach

The full research report on GTA & CSE can be downlaoded
by clicking on the image of the report on the left.





Rutgers GTA & YFS framework

Rutgers GTA & CSE capacity building model




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