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Rutgers believes in talking with people about their experiences and their needs. Programmes often seek the engagement of their beneficiaries. And sometimes we take this further, giving members of the community an active role in delivering a programme. It is their programme, after all.

Active engagement

In Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa and Rwanda, the MenCare+ programme achieves greater engagement by men in maternal and child health and in sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Specially trained nurses support men in attending their children’s births. The community works together to make men committed and involved fathers and caregivers.

And men who use violence are enrolled in ‘refection groups’ for counselling and therapy. 

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ASK what young people want, what young people need

The  Access, Services, Knowledge (ASK) programme begins with young people (10 – 24 years old), establishing what they want and need, putting them at the centre of the programme and building their individual strengths. Together we create a more enabling environment, challenging stigma and taboos. We develop and adapt services that answer to the needs of young people. We educate and communicate about what is available. And it all starts with them.

Youth advocacy in Rwanda

The Rwandan youth organisation Youth Action Movement worked with Rutgers to strengthen their work for access to safe abortion. We held workshops on sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and advocacy. After six months YAM organised a two-day meeting about safe abortion for thirty other Rwandan NGOs. The position paper they produced and their advocacy has helped broaden the legal grounds for abortion in the country.

Young researchers

In Malawi and Bangladesh Rutgers has trained adolescents to be sexual and reproductive health researchers in the Do They Match project. They identified and analysed the key barriers to youth-friendly services. The young people’s research findings were published and in Malawi they have already been used to develop new interventions. The training can be adapted for any research topic, thanks to the Research Training Textbook Explore.

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