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Abortion guidelines released by WHO

WHO just released the second, revised edition of guidelines on safe abortion.

An estimated 21.6 million unsafe abortions took place worldwide in 2008, almost all in developing countries. Deaths due to unsafe abortion remain close to 13% of all maternal deaths.


On 21 June 2012 WHO has released the second edition of Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems for policy-makers, programme managers and health-service providers with the latest evidence-based guidance on clinical care.


The substantial revisions in this update reflect changes in methods of abortion and related care, service delivery as it applies to the availability and use of new methods, and application of human rights for policy-making and legislation related to abortion.


Abortion is illegal in many countries or allowed under stringent conditions. Rutgers is glad WHO has published this 2dn edition of the 'guidance' and can use it in her advocacy work in developing countries.



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