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IPPF European Network launches summary report of qualitative research on young people’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

As the Sexual Awareness for Europe (SAFE II) project nears an end in November 2012, IPPF Member Associations and collaborating partners involved in the project gathered in Brussels on October 17th to reflect on the results of their work in the area of qualitative research, good practices, policy as well as the involvement of young people in addressing their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

As part of this event, IPPF European Network (IPPF EN) launched the report “Increasing the Knowledge base on young people’s SRHR in Europe - Summary report of qualitative research conducted in five European countries under the SAFE II Project”. In addition, 5 country research factsheets giving more detail on the qualitative research conducted by Member Associations in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Spain and the Czech Republic were presented.

An important result of the SAFE II research work package is the support and training provided by the IPPF Member Association from the Netherlands, RutgersWPF, in increasing the ability of Member Associations to undertake qualitative research. An important point of attention was the involvement of young people in the research. : “Investing in youth involvement and participation in research is worthwhile the effort as it ensures more realistic results and research tools that are more tailored to young respondents” said Maya KOUMANOVA, chair of IPPF EN’s youth network (YSAFE).

Although the research was small-scale, it confirmed that comprehensive sexuality education which includes communication, pleasure, self-esteem and negotiation skills, is important for young people. It also revealed that their need for comprehensive sexuality education, especially at a young age, is currently not met. Young people also expressed the importance of an open and positive attitude from parents in communication on sex and sexuality with their children.

“The data and other results gathered through the SAFE II project will be used to inform future strategies, policies and interventions on young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights” said Vicky CLAEYS, IPPF EN Regional Director.

Following the final SAFE II Conference, IPPF EN Regional Office hosted a cocktail reception to celebrate IPPF 60th Anniversary and the success of IPPF EN’s youth network YSAFE and their I [heart] being a girl project, winner of the World Summit Youth Award 2012.

Honorable guest and young member of the European Parliament, Katarína NEVEĎALOVÁ, also Member of the Committee on Culture and Education thanked IPPF EN for their cooperation and expressed the importance of investing in young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Dr. Gunta LAZDANE, Regional Adviser on Sexual and Reproductive Health of the World Health Organization Europe mentioned the importance of IPPF as a grass roots’ organisation working for local people with local people.

The reports of the SAFE project can be found on

Other deliverables of the SAFE II project will be posted shortly, including a policy assessment tool to assist in the monitoring of policies related to young people’s SRHR across Europe.

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For more information on the SAFE II project, contact  Karolien Dekkers, Programme Advisor at



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