Indonesian boys (Photo: Jeroen van Loon)

#SDGs4youth at HLPF 2016

Today, the world is home to the largest ever youth population. People under 25 comprise 43% of the world’s population. 1.2 billion are adolescents—people full of potential, energy and creativity—whose knowledge and experience we have yet to optimise to realise a better future for all. Roughly 88% of all adolescents live in developing countries.

#SDGs 4 YouthIt’s time to translate commitments to action! 

Last 11-20 July 2016, the world’s leaders and civil society convened at the Trusteeship Council Chamber of the United Nations in New York for the first High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development; ten months after Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Focusing on the theme “Ensuring that No One is Left Behind,” the HLPF2016 served as an opportunity for civil society to advocate for governments to pay particular attention to groups that have long been left behind.

Young people, in all their diversity, are among those groups. Young people have the right to participate and hold a wealth of knowledge relevant for the implementation of the SDGs. Throughouth the activities of the HLPF, partners of the Right Here, Right Now initiative actively lobbied and advocated for governments to start listening to what young people have to say, and to undertake the necessary stepts to enable their meaningful participation. 


See how the partnership sought to place young people at the heart of the SDGs during the HLPF.