I Commit To Deliver for youth SRHR. Do you?

A lot has been achieved for the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of young people, but there are still mountains to be moved. On 17 May, the Dutch SRHR Alliance and youth leaders from all over the world presented the results of two large-scale youth programmes and called for action. As Ayantu Terefe from Ethiopia put it: “More dreams need to come true.”

A lack of information, health services and acceptance regarding young people’s sexuality, still lead to many health problems and human rights violations. To make change happen, commitments are needed from national and international governments, donors and civil society organizations.

Therefore, the SRHR Alliance and youth leaders developed the action agenda ‘I commit to deliver’ with nine calls for action.

Action agenda for youth SRHR

Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, UNFPA’s executive director, expressed his support to the action agenda. “Comprehensive sexuality education is a must,” he declared.

He sees new technologies such as smartphones as important tools to reach youngsters with quality information on sexuality issues. Among others, also Lambert Grijns of the Dutch government, Mahteb Rashdi from the Pakistani parliament and Sarah Thomsen of donor organization Sida, affirmed to be ‘committed to deliver’.


Results youth SRHR programmes

The action agenda is one of the many outcomes of two large-scale youth programmes of the Dutch SRHR Alliance together with local alliances in eleven countries. From 2011, these programmes aimed to improve sexuality education, increase access to youth-friendly health services and create a supportive environment for young people’s SRHR.

The figures are dazzling: 400,000 awareness raising activities were held, 116 million people were reached with campaigns, 70,000 educators and 80,000 service providers were trained, and 39 million contraceptives and 28 million services were provided.
These programmes saw many young people empowered to address the problems they face. Among them, outstanding youth leaders have taken up the task to give young people in their country a voice.

Together with them, the SRHR Alliance wrote the joint ‘I commit to deliver’ action agenda. In the Royal Library in Copenhagen, youth leaders took the stage themselves to call for action for youth SRHR.

“Nothing about us without us,” Talimba Bandawe from Malawi rightfully said.



Women Deliver 2016

The I Commit to Deliver event took place in the scope of the global Women Deliver Conference (17-19 May 2016, Copenhagen) and was organised by the SRHR Alliance




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