Woman at radio station (Photo Jeroen van Loon)

International partner organisations very satisfied with Rutgers

In a recent survey carried out by Keystone Accountability Rutgers partner organisations rate Rutgers 9th out of 70 international NGOs (INGOs) worldwide and 4th out of 10 of Dutch INGOs in terms of ‘overall satisfaction’.

Added value

Partners organisations value Rutgers as an organisation that maintains respectful relationships with its partners and brings a great added value to them. Partners appreciate Rutgers thematic and capacity building support.

Youth Participation

The highest appreciation of our partner organisations is for Meaningful Youth Participation and Youth Friendly Services. They really stand out.


There are also areas for improvement. More support in accessing other funds, long term planning and financial viability, sharing lessons and experiences among organizations working on the same issues, focusing on long term social changes, developing joint strategies and promoting the partner’s work is desired. In terms of financial and capacity building support, partners wish that more attention is directed towards (operational) research, acquisition and financial resource mobilization, new program development and, networking, linking and learning.


Since 2010, independent organisation Keystone has been conducting benchmark surveys of partners of international non-governmental organisations (INGOs). In the survey, partners are asked to rate and comment on different aspects of an INGO’s performance. Rutgers took part in the 2015 survey, alongside 9 other Dutch INGOs, and invited 48 partners of which 17 responded. 

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