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New Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance agrees on strategic partnership with Minister Ploumen

For youth between the ages of 10 and 24 years living in Africa, Asia and South America, a better future lies ahead: a better future in relation to sexual and reproductive health and rights. This is the aim of the new strategic partnership between Minister Ploumen and Rutgers, Hivos, Choice, Dance4life and three regional networks in the South.

Vulnerable youth

At the moment the world has the largest group of young people ever. This is a group that is either about to become sexually active or is already sexually active. Some even already have children.

This vulnerable group is also susceptible  to sexual violence, often has not received any or hardly any sex education and  has hardly any access to contraception and safe abortion. Some of these young people  are unable to disclose their sexual orientation. They all want it 'Right here, Right now!’

Group of young people

Sustainable policy change

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of young people, a taboo subject in many countries, is  increasingly susceptible to controversy. The Netherlands, a forerunner in the area of SRHR for some time, does not flinch from addressing sensitive themes and making them a point of discussion.  Therefore the aim of this partnership is better sex education and access to care for youth, accomplishing this through sustainable policy change.

Together more impact

The vision of the Ministry is that cooperation with civil society strengthens foreign policy. The opposite is also true: through strategic cooperation with the Ministry we, as civil society, can have a greater impact than as civil society organisation alone.  Together we want to support SRHR organisations in developing countries so that we can achieve change in  the countries concerned. 


The proposal submitted by the ‘Right Here, Right Now’ Alliance is one of the 25 partnerships that have been granted a strategic partnership with Minister Ploumen in the framework of ‘Dialogue and Contradiction’ (Samenspraak en Tegenspraak). This the new subsidy system to civil society by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the period 2016-2020. 

Country choice and funding

The countries where ‘Right here and Right now’ and the government are going to carry out the  programme will be decided in consultation, as well as  the exact details of the programme. The amount of funding will be made known to the partnership in the next couple of weeks. 



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