Press release - Dutch Postcode Lottery donates 11,9 million euro to Rutgers for safe abortion

AMSTERDAM – The Dutch Postcode Lottery has donated € 11,9 million euro from its Dream Fund to Rutgers and its American partner DKT International for the worldwide reduction of unsafe abortions. The Postcode Lottery made this known during the ‘Goed Geld Gala’ in Amsterdam last night. The programme ‘She Makes Her Safe Choice’ will start in Kenya and Ethiopia providing information about contraception and safe abortion and will make safe abortion methods available. It is the first time that Rutgers has received such a large amount to improve access to safe abortion.

With the support of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, the programme of Rutgers and DKT can prevent 2.6 million unsafe abortions worldwide in the coming 4 years.

In addition, the lives of 8,000 unwanted pregnant women will be saved, and 160,000 unwanted pregnancies will be prevented.


Rutgers finds it special that the Postcode Lottery is willing to support such a sensitive issue as safe abortion. Ton Coenen, executive director of Rutgers, explains: “The Postcode Lottery is committed to the rights of girls and women all over the world to choose whether they want children, when they want them and with whom. 

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That shows great courage. With their support we can make a big difference. For example, for the 5 million girls and women who face severe and lifelong complications, such as infertility, every year due to unsafe abortion.”

Marieke van Schaik, Managing Director of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, says: “In the Netherlands access to contraception and safe abortion is self-evident, but this is not the case in many other countries. And that is just so important for the lives of women, and the good functioning of families in often poorer living conditions. With the Dream Fund we always opt for courageous, pioneering and innovative projects and this is certainly true for this Rutgers and DKT’s programme.”

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A safe choice for women

In Kenya and Ethiopia Rutgers and DKT International are starting a targeted approach to educate women and their partners about contraception and safe abortion. The programme informs women correctly and completely about their options in (preventing) an unwanted pregnancy and offers them access to an affordable and safe abortion, if they choose to have one.

Safe abortion methods will be made more widely available not only in Kenya and Ethiopia, but also in 90 countries worldwide via an online platform. Medical staff will be trained, directly and via the platform, in the correct use and application of safe abortion methods.

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