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Rutgers joins CSOs at UNECE Regional Meeting on ICPD+25

On October 1st and 2nd, the UNECE Regional Conference on ICDP+25, titled “Enabling Choices: Population Dynamics and Sustainable Development”, took place in Geneva. Rutgers took part in several ways. Ody Neisingh, advocate at Rutgers, was part of the Dutch governmental delegation and there was a joint statement from CSOs.

The conference was preceded by a CSO meeting, where Yvonne Bogaarts moderated the panel session on “Making changes – ICPD+25 looking forward” dealing with issues related to accountability, financing, strengthening the link to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, ageing, youth participation and partnerships.

CSO Statement

The CSO meeting concluded with a CSO statement, which was read during the UNECE Regional Conference. The Dutch delegation made two interventions to recommit loud and clear to the vision of Cairo and the realisation of SRHR, which also included Rutgers’ asks regarding comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).

Thematic sessions during the conference dealt with issues related to ICPD 25 years later; population dynamics and sustainable development families; SRH over the life course; inequalities, social inclusion and rights. The different member states, CSOs and experts present, exchanged views on these topics in a very positive and constructive way. The region showed a strong commitment to the ICPD agenda and a human rights approach.

Regional input for ICPD+25

The UNECE meeting concluded with an overview of what the draft report of the conference will look like. The report will be finished at the end of October, and forms the regional input to the ICPD+25 global review report, which is in turn presented to the UN Commission on Population and Development in April 2019.