Rutgers commits to an ambitious and progressive SRHR agenda for all, in all our diversity

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the ICPD Programme of Action. This occasion is marked with the Nairobi Summit, held in November 2019, a high level conference convened to advance the further implementation of the Programme of Action. Besides the global statement and national commitments made by governments, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) take this opportunity to share their commitments. Find Rutgers' commitments below.

Rutgers commits to continue research, programme implementation, technical support, advocacy, communication and fundraising by 2025 to:

  • reach all children and young people with Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), in and out of schools, before their sexual debut, including children and young people with disabilities, migrant backgrounds, low levels of education, and children and young people at risk;               
    • Rutgers intends to reach 160 million people in at least 12 countries in Africa, South-East Asia and South-America with evidence-based information about sexual and reproductive health and rights, together with its network of strong partners. Moreover, Rutgers will provide 1.5 million young people with comprehensive sexuality education, in and out of schools; 
    • In the Netherlands every year 200.000 young people become sexually active, who all have the right to be informed. Each year, Rutgers intends to reach 2 million young people in the Netherlands with evidence-based information about sexual and reproductive health and rights;
  • combat unsafe abortions and the resulting disability and maternal deaths, by supporting partner organizations to improve access to contraception, safe abortion methods and quality abortion care and information for women and girls in at least 7 countries in Sub-Sahara Africa; 
  • address the root causes of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), embedding the topics of unwanted sexual behaviour and sexual violence into comprehensive sexuality education in schools in the Netherlands, and by applying the gender transformative approaches in all our international programmes; 
  • advocate for progressive policies and financial support to deliver sexual and reproductive health and rights for all, in all our diversity. We advocate particularly for CSE, ending SGBV, safe and legal abortion and sexual rights in all countries we work in, 

while respecting the principles of country ownership, gender equality for all genders, human rights, and basing our interventions on research and evidence.

  • Find the commitments of Rutgers and other CSOs on here.
  • More on ICPD25 here.


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