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Abortion and Young People in Rwanda

The Rwandan Youth Action Movement (YAM) and Rutgers hope that the personal stories in the booklet and project report will enable youth intermediaries, policy makers, youth serving civil society organizations and young people themselves to understand more of the situation of unsafe abortion among young people in Rwanda and together can strategise better ways to address this issue.


This booklet contains moving personal stories from people imprisoned for committing abortion in Rwanda. Stories from university students and from parents, as well as other relevant data on unsafe abortion in Rwanda that supports the call for legalising abortion and providing safe abortion services.

The booklet was developed in consultation and through interviews with young Rwandese people in Universities and those in prisons serving a sentence for committing abortion.

The Rwandan Youth Action Movement (YAM) compiled this booklet and young people themselves in YAM collected these stories.

Read the booklet (pdf, 2.2. MB) 


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Advocacy and data

The booklet was developed as part of an advocacy project that YAM undertook after participation in the Sensitive Themes trainings and meetings organised a few years ago. 

The booklet that also contains data on statistics and young people’s views was used to sensitise other youth-serving organisations in Rwanda in order to support the idea that young people should have access to safe abortion services when they need them.

These organisations have the potential to influence public opinion and decision-making regarding abortion in Rwanda.

Read the project report (pdf, 1.6 MB).



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