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Get Up, Speak Out for Youth Rights!

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives financial support to the sexual and reproductive health and development of young people in lower and middle income countries. A part of this support goes to the programme 'Get Up, Speak Out for Youth Rights!' (GUSO). In this programme six alliance partners are collaborating in seven countries in order to improve the (knowledge of) rights and sexual health of young people.

Africa: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda 
Asia: Indonesia, Pakistan
ObjectiveTo improve the (knowledge of) sexual health and rights
Target groupYoung people
Length of programme2016-2020
Partner organisations


Choice for Youth and Sexuality

Three Ethiopian young people

Sexual and reproductive rights

Young people aren’t always aware of their rights. This hinders their access to sexuality education and there is a lack of youth friendly health services. Therefore, young people are often unable to make informed choices concerning their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), with all the consequences that that entails. The programme Get Up, Speak Out! (GUSO) raises awareness amongst young people of their rights and will give them a voice.

Involve young people

Needs and wishes of young people - specifically girls and young women - are central in GUSO. They will receive information and services, at what is the best moment for them, best place and best way that suits them. By using eLearning via the Internet and mobile phones they can learn where and whenever they prefer. Like no one else, they know how to use social media to inform other youth about what they want to know. Young people can also more convincingly convey the need for reliable information to those in politics or government because they experience their need themselves. Young people are involved at all levels, from the set up of the programme to the decision-making. Parents, care-takers, teachers and community leaders are also involved. 

Strong concept in seven countries

Get Up, Speak Out is a unique and strong concept that tackles several levels at once. It focuses on strengthening the individual capacity of young people and at the same time improves the (availability of) sexual and reproductive health services and referral system to these services. GUSO is implemented in seven countries. Africa: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Uganda | Asia: Indonesia and Pakistan. 


The grant for GUSO is one of the seven partnerships that the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs forms with Dutch Alliances to improve SRHR of young people in lower and middle income countries in 2016-2020. In this alliance Rutgers (lead agent) cooperates with Choice for Youth and Sexuality, Dance4Life, IPPF, Simavi and Aidsfonds. It is a continuation of an existing and successful alliance and will build on best practices and experiences of 2011-2015.

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