Get Up Speak Up Endline Evaluation

The multi-component approach worked! The Get Up Speak Out programme had a significant impact on the lives of young people in the seven countries where it was implemented. GUSO structurally engaged young people in multiple layers of programming and decision-making, enabling young people to claim their rights and play a meaningful role in the design and implementation of innovative, relevant SRHR interventions. Young people reported having improved knowledge, which led to a range of other positive outcomes for their sexual health, social relationships, and overall self-esteem and empowerment. In most cases, young people were at the forefront of advocacy. Many Alliances successfully applied youth-led social accountability to identify gaps in services and quality, and to facilitate dialogue with community members about the findings, leading to more support from the community for youth-friendly health services. This not only strengthened the advocacy, it the Covid-19 pandemic, the GUSO programme can be seen to have positively impacted the wellbeing of many young people in a variety of ways.


The endline evaluation provides insights into progress made towards the long-term objective and into achieving the five programme outcomes. The long-term objective of the GUSO programme was: All young people, especially girls and young women, are empowered to realise their SRHR in societies with a positive attitude towards young people’s sexuality.

The Theory of Change describes five interrelated outcomes aiming to contribute towards the long-term objective:

  • Outcome 1 Strengthened and sustainable alliances
  • Outcome 2 Empowered young people voice their rights
  • Outcome 3 Increased use of SRHR information and education
  • Outcome 4 Increased use of youth-friendly SRH services
  • Outcome 5 Improved socio-cultural (5b), political and legal (5a)supportive environment

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