She Makes Her safe Choice

Every year 25 million women undergo an unsafe abortion and between 22,500 and 44,000 women worldwide die from the complications. She Makes Her Safe Choice works to reduce these devastating numbers by providing women with a safe choice.

The right to choose

We dream of a world where no women die due to unsafe abortion. A world where women have the right to make their own choices about their lives and bodies. Where women have the right to choose whether or not to have a child, and have the right to receive the necessary support to realise their choices safely, a world where they have access to reproductive health and to contraceptives including, safe abortion methods. Because She Decides.

With our She Makes Her Safe Choice programme, together with international and in-country partners, Rutgers and DKT work to save the lives of women by improving access to safe abortion methods and care, awareness on safe abortion, and advocacy for supportive environments. 

On International Safe Abortion Day, September 28th 2019, we proudly shared our She Makes Her Safe Choice animation, explaining our ambitious dream, which we can realize together through our unique partnership and approach.

For more information on who we work with and how, read more about the programme here.



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