New Manual - Adolescent Boys and Young Men & Sexuality and Relationships

Do you work with adolescent boys and young men on issues related to sexuality and relationships? This manual helps you to facilitate a safe space for reflection on their behavior, aspirations and challenges. Sexuality and Relationships will be looked at from a positive perspective on masculinities based on respect for girls and women, sexual diversity and gender equality.

This manual  is a practical guide for professionals working with adolescent boys and (young) men at schools, in communities, sport clubs, NGOs etc. Useful background information on gender, sex and relationships, facts & figures, do's & don'ts, practical tips and discussion topics help you start right away.

The development of the manual was inspired by earlier publications (Jongens en Seks, 2011) and programmes (MenCare+, 2013-2015) of Rutgers, and a UNFPA research paper (Adolescent boys and young men: Engaging them as supporters of gender equality and health and understanding their vulnerabilities, 2015). 

To give you an idea of a number of modules:

  • Facts and figures and 
  • Puberty and adodolescence
  • Friends and peer pressure
  • Relationship and sex
  • Information about girls and wommen
  • Internet and (social) media
  • Gender and sexual diverty
  • Substance use
  • Fatherhood

To enable a good start of working with boys and men on sexuality and relationship issues, Rutgers offers a workshop to introduce the Manual. If more support is needed, you can always contact Rutgers for tailor-made training. You are welcome to contact Yuri Ohlrichs  and Rachel Ploem

To monitor the application of this new manual Rutgers will be happy:

  • To collect experiences with the application of the Manual for future improvement

We kindly ask you to register yourself by filling in the form. After completion we will enlist you and provide you access to the manual.

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