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Annual Overview

Sex, relationships and having children are a source of happiness. But only if they are consensual, safe and pleasant. We achieve progress in the Netherlands and beyond, in partnership with our national and international network. Read all about our achievements in our annual overview.

Annual report 2020

COVID-19 had a huge negative impact on sexual health worldwide. Despite the challenges Rutgers was also successful. We invite you to learn about our results and challenges in this Annual Report of 2020.

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Annual report 2019

In 2019, Rutgers had a very successful year with many highlights. We invite you to learn about our results and the challenges we faced in our 2019 Annual Report. 

At a glance

The theme of this year’s Rutgers Dialogue was: Attacks on Sexuality. How can the Netherlands deal with opposition around sexual reproductive health and rights? Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Sigrid Kaag, was one of the speakers. She emphasised the importance of women's rights, which are under fire worldwide, and was outspoken about the leading role that the Netherlands must play in the coming years. This was also reflected in the priorities she set out. The minister allocated no less than € 315 million to sexual reproductive health and rights. In December, Dutch civil society submitted proposals for subsidies. This was an important moment for Rutgers, as a large part of our funding comes from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In January, the Secretary of state for health, Paul Blokhuis, visited Rutgers to talk about his new approach against unintended pregnancies. Together with our partners, we developed a long-term plan in which we focus on better sexual education and access to services. We also made a plea to invest more in the prevention of sexual violence. Half of the girls experience sexual harassment. Upon request, we drew up a plan together with many cooperation partners, but unfortunately the ministry did not see any added value compared to initiatives already taken. We will continue to pledge for more investments in the prevention of sexual violence. 

Around the world 

Globally, we were actively involved in the ICPD + 25 summit in Nairobi. We participated in the Nairobi Summit, with more than 50 young activists, where world leaders met to take stock of sexual and reproductive rights. Many new commitments were made. We also attended the largest conference on gender equality in the world: Women Deliver. 

The Netherlands

Together with 17 young co-researchers we published an important study among 300 students. This showed that sexual education in the Netherlands needs to improve. Young people want more information about sexual identity, wishes and boundaries and pleasure in sex. With the contraceptive camper we drive along 13 cities throughout the country to inform new students about safe sex. The posters of our campaign Are you okay? were visible at more than 200 venues, clubs and festivals. And with the new campaign 'Generation Yes... and?' we're doing away with stereotypes about femininity, masculinity and sexuality. 

2020 will be a very important year. The new funding possibilities from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will change in such a way that there will be fewer, but larger, international programmes. This will have a significant impact on the future of Rutgers and other colleagues in our field. No matter how it turns out in 2020: We will continue to make a big difference. We owe it to the many girls, women, boys and men who need better sexual health and rights - nationally and internationally.

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Annual report 2018

In 2018, Rutgers had a very successful year with many highlights. We invite you to learn about our results and challenges in the Annual Report of 2018. 

In short?  

We won the Dutch Postcode Lottery Dreamfund of 11.9 million euro for our programme on safe abortion 'She makes her Safe Choice'. 

Mid-term reviews of our three largest international programmes GUSO, Right Here Right Now, and Prevention+ indicate that all three are relevant and well on track. Get Up Speak Out reached 400,000 young people with sex education and 5,5 million with services. 7,000 educators were trained. Prevention+ reached 9 million people and 4,500 religious leaders and other role models.12,200 professionals were trained. And Right Here Right Now created successful platforms in 10 countries and one region to advocate for sexuality education, LGBTI-issues and safe abortion. 

In the Netherlands, we organized a successful action week a year since the start of #MeToo. The ‘Are you Okay’ campaign reached 156,000 young people through social media. We had a very lively debate on the need to focus more on prevention of sexual violence which was picked up by a lot of national media. It led to the further discussion with a Minister and a State Secretary. We are pushing for a pro-active strategy and investments on preventionof sexual violence.

In 2018 we reached 1,9 million young Dutch people through the website, together with Soa Aids Nederland and RIVM. We reached 86,000 professionals through online support. We started a new programme on the prevention of gender-based violence. 

And, unfortunately, the pushback on civil society by the Pakistan government has led to closure of our Pakistan country office.

There are many challenges ahead of us in the Netherlands, in the 17 countries in which we work and also worldwide. Together with national and international partners, we will tackle these challenges!

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Annual report 2017 

2017 was a year with a great deal of issues on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights being  discussed in the public domain: Women’s Marches all over the world after the installation of President Trump, the #MeToo movement on sexual harassment and sexual violence, the new government in the Netherlands immediately withdrawing a proposed law to make medical abortion accessible through the general practitioner, an extra investment of € 53 million in unplanned pregnancies in the Netherlands.

Rutgers also celebrated its 50th Anniversary – by organising an event with many of our partners. We were very honoured that His Majesty the King attended and that he took part in an intergenerational discussion on sexuality education. 
He also participated in discussions with some of our partners involved in local work in the Netherlands, research and international work. 
Rutgers is 50 years young – we are alive and kicking. And there are many challenges ahead in the Netherlands, in our 17 countries and globally. We will take on these challenges together with our many partners!

Please read our annual rapport 2017 for more details.

Overview 2016

Take a look at our online overview 2016. In this online magazine we show you the most important results and progress of last year.  

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Overview 2015

promo Rutgers interactive overview 2015

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Every year Rutgers reports to its donors. Please, browse through our official Annual Report 2015 below. It includes the financial statements of 2015.

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