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Mission and Vision

Rutgers' strategy for 2017-2020 is empowering young people towards happy and healthy lives. Our aim is to contribute to improving the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of all by focusing on young people.

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Vision statement 

People are free to make sexual and reproductive choices, respecting the rights of others, in supportive societies.

Rutgers' mission statement

We empower people through education and improving access to information and services. We strengthen professionals, organisations and societies. We connect research, implementation and advocacy.

Three pillars 

Rutgers combines the strengths of the organizations it stems from by focusing on three interlinked pillars in its work: programme implementation, research and advocacy. One of the main assets of the organization is the combination of work in the Netherlands and in other countries. 

Programme implementation focusses on access to and quality of comprehensive sexuality education, access to and quality of SRH service provision and creating acceptance and understanding for young people’s sexuality. In doing so, Rutgers collaborates intensively with and provides support to professionals and local partner organizations.

Research, carried out by Rutgers and its collaborating partners, is aimed at strengthening the evidence base of interventions, and development and measurement of sexual health indicators.

Through its advocacy, Rutgers aims at policy development, adaptation and enforcement in The Netherlands, by local governments abroad and at international level. The work carried out by Rutgers is characterized by a positive and rights-based approach. The strength Rutgers is known for lies in developing effective, evidence-based approaches and interventions, dealing in a positive way with sexuality and sexual and reproductive rights within different cultural contexts.

Strategy map

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The strategy map shows all the aspects that together form our focus for the coming years. It starts with the vision that reflects how we envisage our ideal world of tomorrow.  

  • At the bottom the mission is stated. The mission summarizes what Rutgers does in striving to reach its vision.
  • The 4 outcomes presented under the vision clarify what is needed in order to make this vision a reality. These outcomes are changes in the world that many stakeholders are contributing to, including Rutgers.
  • The 11 objectives in the centre of the map indicate the specific areas of focus in the day-to-day work of Rutgers: the deliverables, areas of excellence, areas to be strengthened in the organization and how this will be achieved.
  • The drivers of our work are presented below the objectives. These form the basis of both our objectives and long-term outcomes. The drivers have been identified after analysing the facts and trends in the external environment.
  • The set of values, presented at the right of the strategy map, shape our perspective during the implementation of our work.
  • We also indicate a set of thematic priorities, topics within SRHR with specific focus in the coming years. 

Strategy document

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