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Right Here Right Now (RHRN) is a five-year programme and global strategic partnership that is active in ten countries, and the Caribbean sub region. Our partnership envisions a world where all young people are able to access quality and youth-friendly health services, and are not afraid to openly express who they are and who they love. We believe that young people, everywhere, have the inalienable right to make their own choices, and lead happy and healthy lives.

Africa: Kenya, Senegal, Uganda and Zimbabwe
Asia: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan
Latin America: Bolivia and Honduras, Caribbean sub region
ObjectiveTo create a world where everyone is able to access quality and youth-friendly health services,
and no one is afraid to openly express who they are and who they love
Target groupYoung people
Length of programme2016-2020
Partner organisations


Choice for Youth and Sexuality
Latin American and Carribean Women's Health Network

Young people for sustainable development and change

The world is home to 1.8 billion adolescents - some 88% reside in developing countries. Not long ago, young people were considered passive recipients of knowledge and services. This changed in December 2003; when the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on youth involvement. Today, there is a strong drive to involve young people as partners for change.

Harnessing the power of inclusive partnerships 

Forged under the Dialogue and Dissent policy framework of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and coordinated by Rutgers Netherlands, Right Here Right Now is implemented globally by a consortium of eight organisations.

The five-year partnership commits to:

  • strengthening cooperation within and across national, regional and international levels to undertake concerted advocacy for a progressive and inclusive SRHR agenda; and
  • advocating and holding governments accountable for their adoption of progressive and inclusive policies (and budgets thereof) for the implementation of comprehensive sexuality education and youth-friendly SRH services, including safe abortion.

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