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What we do

Rutgers works to improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people. We work on sexuality education and information, access to contraception and safe abortion and the prevention of sexual and gender-based violence.

How we work

We want young people to be free to enjoy their sexuality and relationships, while respecting the rights of others in an inclusive society. Our mission is to connect and engage with young people and those around them to support this process.

We believe young people should play the principal role in their own empowerment.

Rutgers works with people and groups who provide young people with information, education, services and support – including parents, health workers, schools, community members and leaders, government representatives.

We have partnerships with the LGBTQI+ community and the women’s rights movement and work closely with HIV and AIDS and reproductive health organisations.

We combine work on the ground with advocacy, research and social support. We work nationally and internationally, supporting young people to empower themselves through education, improving access to information and services and seeking to build supportive communities and societies.

Our approaches

Youth participation

Engaging with young people, speaking their language and connecting with their interests is paramount. Rutgers works with young people to run projects and training courses, create resources and do research.

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Alliance building

Rutgers has many partnerships in the Netherlands and globally and with networks, from community to governments. We invest time and commitment into these relationships. We focus on the needs of our partners, learning together and from each other.

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Rutgers conducts and learns from scientific research and is always reflecting on what works well and what does not. We put research into practice to shape new programmes. We use it to provide evidence which drives our advocacy and helps bring change.

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Rutgers works from communities to governments to promote values, policies and legislation supporting young people’s sexuality. These should be based on human rights and guarantee freedom of choice. But our advocacy is not just about political change – it’s also about building a social movement.

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Young people should always play a leading role in advocacy on issues affecting their lives - that’s why we work with them directly.

But we also work with their families, communities and others they interact with. One way we do this is through our public support campaigns.

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