She Makes Her Safe Choice

Our dream is to end unsafe abortions.

Since 2018, Rutgers and partners have been investing in a drastic reduction of the number of unsafe abortions and maternal deaths globally. Through the She Makes her Safe Choice programme, we improve access to contraception and safe abortion methods, correct information and quality services.

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Programme information

Francophone West Africa , with a focus on Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Togo, and global level 

To reduce unsafe abortions by improving women’s access to safe abortion alternatives, with a focus on Francophone West Africa. 

Duration of programme
3 years: July 2023 – June 2026

Partner organisations
African Population and Health Research Centre
DKT Francophone West and Central Africa
Women First Digital

Funded by
Dutch Postcode Lottery

In a world where the impact of unsafe abortion continues to take a toll on women and girls, our mission is clear: break the cycle and create a safer, healthier future for all.  

Globally, 121 million pregnancies each year are unintended. Moreover, over 60% of these unintended pregnancies result in abortion, with 45% of abortions classified as unsafe. 

Unsafe abortions are not mere statistics; they represent a harsh reality claiming 5 – 13 % of maternal deaths globally. This underscores the urgent need for change. Our commitment is unwavering, driven by the understanding that every woman’s health and life matter.  

In Francophone West Africa, women face an elevated risk of unsafe abortion. While reliable quantitative data is scarce, WHO estimates a staggering 1.8 million unsafe abortions occurring annually in this region alone. This calls for immediate attention, collaborative efforts, and a commitment to filling the data gaps. 

Join us in rewriting this narrative. By advocating for safe abortion practices, we pave the way for a healthier future. Address information gaps, raise awareness, reduce stigma, and support initiatives that empower women and girls to make informed choices about their reproductive health. 

We continue to dream big for women in West Africa 

Impressive results have already been achieved together with DKT International and our partners. From 2018, She Makes Her Safe Choice has greatly reduced deaths from unsafe abortion.  

In 2023, She Makes Her Safe Choice has entered a new phase: Together with DKT International, new partner SheDecides and others, Rutgers is continuing its approach in West Africa for another three years as of mid-2023: 

We do this by expanding our programme activities in West Africa, including qualitative research, training healthcare providers, distributing commodities and offering online information and referrals to quality services for women. Our research findings, results and lessons learned will be shared beyond West Africa,  to contribute to a world where every woman has the agency to make choices that align with her well-being. 

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