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Contraception and safe abortion

Women should have the right to choose about their own lives and bodies, including whether or not to have a child, and receive the necessary support to realise these choices safely.

Next theme Prevention of sexual and gender-based violence

It is crucial for everyone – women, men and young people – to get information about sexuality and have access to contraception and safe abortion.

Our dual focus on contraception and safe abortion

Everywhere in the world, young people face challenges in accessing contraception – such as female condoms or the pill – and safe abortion. Rutgers works for the widespread availability and affordability of contraceptives and safe abortion methods. Our work on these two key themes is inextricably linked.

We are the Netherlands’ leading sexuality centre, working to improve access to services and information on safe sex, contraceptives and safe abortion. We raise awareness and provide information for women, their partners and relatives, and the broader community about the options for contraception and safe abortion.

Contraception helps reduce unsafe abortion numbers

Every year there are around 74 million unplanned pregnancies in developing and low-income countries for women whose contraception has failed or could not access it. This results in 40 million abortions.

If women can access contraceptives and safe abortion methods and services, they are free to make a safe choice

Rutgers’ comprehensive, integrated approach of information and access to contraception and safe abortion has already started to reduce the number of unsafe abortions substantially and structurally.

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