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Rutgers sees a world where everyone has access to quality, accurate health education and information, and no one is afraid to openly express who they are and who they love.

Young people should have the right to make their own choices and lead happy and healthy lives. Right here, right now.

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Bangladesh, Benin, Burundi, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal, Tunisia and Uganda.

Young people in all their diversity enjoy their sexual and reproductive health and rights in gender-just societies.

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Right Here Right Now enables young people in all their diversity to enjoy their sexual and reproductive health and rights in societies where there is equity and equality between genders in all aspects of life.

Empowered young people on sexuality and rights

This youth-centred programme sees young people, especially girls, young women and young LGBTQI+ people being empowered to make decisions about their sexuality, voice their needs and claim their rights.

The partnership tackles taboos. We focus on these issues and advocate for the rights of these marginalised groups because, based on our robust experience, we can, and because few others do.

We lobby governments to adopt and be accountable for inclusive human-rights based policies and laws which enable young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender justice.

Governments must give young people access to comprehensive sexuality education, information and youth-friendly services – including safe abortion – so they can make choices free from stigma, discrimination and violence.

Increasing support for rights

We are part of a vibrant global youth movement transforming gender and power relations by reinforcing positive norms and values. We are unleashing the power of youth, to increase public support for sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as gender justice. We are strengthening civil society around these issues.

The programme strengthens the capacity of young people on advocacy, dealing with opposition, youth participation and leadership and gender-transformative approaches.

Right Here Right Now champions digitalisation and new forms of partnership. Young people can mobilise, hold governments to account and expand civic space online. Digitalisation makes it easier for some marginalised groups to access information and voice opinions.

We also build on the results of the Get Up Speak Out, Rights Evidence Action, Love Matters programme and the SheDecides movement.

Young people’s rights under pressure

Right Here Right Now comes at a critical time, when young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender justice are under pressure around the world in the face of taboos, shrinking civic space and growing conservatism.

Ideologies on the rights of girls, women and LGBTQI+ people are increasingly polarised. Decision-making is not transparent and political spaces are occupied by powerful anti-rights groups.

Young people’s sexuality rights and needs are consistently denied, ignored or unmet. Many cannot access the right information and education due to poverty, exclusion and gaps in provision.

Already stretched donor funding for their sexual and reproductive health and rights is being cut even further. Organisations speaking out often do so in isolation, making themselves vulnerable.


About 10 million young women aged 15-19 have unintended pregnancies every year.


Four million of those young women have unsafe abortions.


Girls make up more than 80% of new HIV infections in their age group in the hardest-hit countries.


Around 120 million girls worldwide have experienced forced sexual acts.


In many places, sexual and gender minorities are denied their rights. Same-sex conduct is criminalised in 68 countries.


Deep-rooted gender norms and inequality harm girls, young women, young LGBTQI+ people and other marginalised groups.

Results and stories of success

Find out what was achieved in the first five years of the programme. Read our magazine for results and stories of success.

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Looking for more Right Here Right Now resources or tools? Take a look at our resource library that includes resources and tools from across the partnership.


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