She Makes Her Safe Choice is a global programme which aims to make safe abortion widely available and accessible for those who need it, with a current focus on Ethiopia and Kenya, as well as globally. Find more resources on this programme below.


Her choice?

This documentary from the She Makes Her Safe Choice programme explores the devastating effects of unsafe abortions in Kenya. It also highlights an alternative reality - one where she can make her own safe choice, without stigma and fear.


Covid-19 and Unsafe Abortions

How are unsafe abortions and the Covid-19 crisis linked? The Safe Choice partners explain what can be done and call on the Kenyan government to also prioritise women's health during the pandemic.


World Safe Abortion Day 2019
Watch our She Makes Her Safe Choice animation video which is  launched on World Safe Abortion Day, September 28th 2019.

Our midway impact

Our dream to end unsafe abortions worldwide
Three years ago, as the devastating impact of the Global Gag Rule became visible, the Netherlands took a bold stance by launching the SheDecides movement. Building on this initiative, Rutgers and DKT International dreamt about ending unsafe abortions worldwide: the She Makes Her Safe Choice programme was born. Read about the huge strides made now the programme has past its half-way point here.

Counseling guide on safe abortion

This couseling guide on safe abortion serves as a reference tool for all categories of health professionals and providers. It includes guidance for counselling, and provides detailed descriptions of surgical abortion (by means of vacuum aspiration) and medication abortion (by means of misoprostol only, or the combination of misoprostol with mifepristone). Programme partner DKT Ethiopia developed this counselling guide on safe abortion in Ethiopia, with technical inputs from Rutgers.
Click on the image to read the guide.

Booklet Counseling guide on safe abortion

DKT Ethiopia also designed an easy to use pocket-size booklet of the counseling guide on safe abortion, for distribution to service providers in 2020 and beyond.
Click on the image to read the pocket size booklet (social marketing for a better life).

Survey on unsafe abortion

DKT Ethiopia conducted a baseline survey on unsafe abortion in Ethiopia. The purpose of this research was to collect information that helps for the designing and implementing strategies aimed at preventing unsafe abortion and providing quality abortion services –where the law permits it, and post abortion care in Ethiopia.
Click on the image to read the survey.

Abortion care during Covid-19

DKT WomanCare Global, our partner in the She Makes Her Safe Choice programme, distributes the Ipas MVA aspirator in 80+ countries worldwide. DKT WomanCare Global is responding swiftly to the global Covid-19 surge and published this info sheet on preserving abortion care in this pandemic where women’s healthcare services, in particular abortion care, risk being deprioritized.

Stories of Impact

Helina is a 24-year-old sexual health entrepreneur from outside Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Her work cannot be underestimated in a country where 40% of the population has an unmet need for contraception and 38% of women have unintended pregnancies. As a result, many women will seek an abortion, yet an estimated half of all abortions in Ethiopia are unsafe, leading to death in many cases. It is not widely known that abortions are legally available in Ethiopia. This is mainly due to the stigma associated with abortion. Yet, one conversation at a time, Helina is changing that. Read Helina's story