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Centres of Excellence on Youth Centred Programming

The Centres of Excellence on Youth Centred Programming project aims to increase and improve the uptake of quality integrated gender and rights-based youth-centred SRH services for young people in Latin America, West and East Africa through the implementation and scaling of best practices in Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and Youth-Friendly Services (YFS).

Latin America: Colombia
West Africa: Togo and Ghana
ObjectiveEnable and empower young people through rights-based sexual and reproductive health service delivery and comprehensive sexuality education
Target groupYoung people across Latin America and Africa
Length of programme2019-2021
Partner organisations


Association Togolaise pour le Bien-Etre Familial (ATBEF)
Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG)
International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)


Two-pronged approach

The Centres of Excellence on Youth Centred Programming project works with a two-pronged approach. It focuses on the increased uptake of quality youth-centred SRH services, that take gender and human rights into account. At the same time it strengthens available support, knowledge and expertise in the regions to improve the lives of young people across Latin America, and East and West Africa.

Increased uptake

Over 200,000 SRH services were provided to young people by the implementing organisations in the first year of this project. The aim is to steadily increase this while at the same time systematise knowledge and learning in order to share with key stakeholders in the region. For example, in Togo ATBEF has created a mobile app providing information and access to services to young people.

A wider impact

The implementing organisations are based in Colombia, Togo and Ghana, but the project’s objectives reach beyond those countries. The Centres of Excellence offer a unique opportunity to pool technical expertise and to document and disseminate best practices on CSE and youth-friendly services. All activities are continuous learning experiences that will inform best practices in project implementation, advocacy and policy making in the respective regions.

In the process the Centres will consolidate their position as regional leaders in the field of CSE, youth-friendly service and community awareness, and help shape all IPPF’s Member Associations’ ways of working in the future. The project also enables IPPF member associations, Profamilia, ATBEF (Togo) and PPAG (Ghana), to further position themselves as regional Centres of Excellence facilitating and accelerating South – South technical co-operation, knowledge sharing and technical assistance, spreading their experience and the latest thinking in the SRHR field in Latin-America, East and West Africa.

Regional Centres

In Latin America, Profamilia is leading the setting up of CEX, the regional Centre of Excellence, in partnership with five other IPPF member associations: Aprofa (Chile), Iniciativas Sanitarias (Uruguay), MEXFAM (Mexico), Plafam (Venezuela) and Profamilia (Colombia). 

The programme is coordinated and managed by Rutgers, which builds on over 50 years of experience in the Netherlands, in close collaboration with IPPF Central and Regional Offices in Africa and the Western Hemisphere.

Rutgers as a Centre of Excellence on Comprehensive Sexuality Education 

As an expert organisation in sexual and reproductive health and rights, Rutgers has been active in the design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of CSE programmes both in the Netherlands and internationally for decades. It is a leading voice for evidence-based practice CSE, and both a partner and a resource for others working in the field. However, important challenges and gaps remain, such as successful scaling of CSE and the lack of integration of CSE with other services.

The Rutgers Centre of Excellence on CSE aims to share expertise and knowledge with other organisations, institutions, peer educators, activists and government decision-makers to support them in delivering quality CSE and addressing the challenges of large-scale implementation. The Rutgers Centre of Excellence is a collaborative effort, working with others to collect, curate and share knowledge. This initiative is aligned with the Regional Centres of Excellence in Eastern and Western Africa and Latin America, and partially funded by Global Affairs Canada.



This programme is funded by Global Affais Canada

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