Sex under the age of 25

Sex under the age of 25

Sex under the age of 25 was a study conducted by Rutgers and Soa Aids Nederland in partnership with regional public health services.


In 2017, 20,500 young people have filled in a digital questionnaire with questions about a wide range of sexuality-related topics. Some of the key outcomes include:

  • Young people start having sex at a later age. At the age of 18.6, half of young people have had sexual intercourse; in 2012 this was at the age of 17.1
  • Gender differences when it comes to enjoying sex are strikingly small
  • There was a slight decrease in the number of young people who experience sexual coercion.
  • Contraceptive use is high among young people
  • The number of young people who disapprove of expressions of homosexuality has declined strongly

For more outcomes and information, access the English summary here

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