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Kazi Abdul Mannan refuses to register early marriage

This Video Impact Story is produced in close cooperation with BBC Media Action Bangladesh.

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A Kazi (marriage registrar) is a vital player when it comes to any marriage in Bangladesh. Kazi Abdul Mannan refuses to register a marriage if the boy and girl have not yet reached the legal age to get married. He also informs and educates people in his community to not register child marriages.

Whenever I meet someone who did not get married and is now studying at school or college, I am delighted.”

Hello, I Am was a 4-year programme working toward a supportive social environment in which young people in Bangladesh, especially adolescent girls and young women, can make informed choices about and enjoy their sexual and reproductive health and rights. It aims to realize a society in which girls and boys are equal, where girls and women have the same rights and chances as boys and men. The programme is led by Rutgers and implemented in collaboration with PSTC, RHSTEP, DSK and BBC Media Action Bangladesh.



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