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Outreach beyond prison bars

CAMNAFAW reaches out to young people in prisons to ensure they have access to accurate information on sexual and reproductive health.

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Being young and in prison in Cameroon comes with the tag of being lost to society. However, this did not deter colleagues from CAMNAFAW, part of the Ado Avance Ensemble programme. Firm in their belief that access to accurate information should extend to all, including those not attending school, the team reached out to the prison’s administration to arrange a visit.

Camnafaw prison

Guy Mendo Ze from CAMNAFAW recounting the visit, stated: “From the moment we entered the prison, we were warmly welcomed, from the reception staff to the young people. As our visit was announced and endorsed by the head of social affairs at the prison, and young people were prepared accordingly. They had cleaned the room where we would meet, ensuring a quiet and well-organised atmosphere. While most young people were in good spirits, some remained skeptical, unsure of what to expect. Others, having had little to no prior information on sexual and reproductive health topics, were uncertain about what they could gain from the session.”

This information is crucial for young people in prison because it dispels misconceptions they may hold. Additionally, these vulnerable, out-of-school youth have often been deprived of any information on these topics.
Camnafaw prison visit Cameron

“In the end, we are delighted we took this initiative because the responses were overwhelmingly positive. The young inmates demonstrated a keen interest in the subjects and actively engaged in discussions, answering our questions. Inspired by this success, we are already planning our next steps. We are organising a competition to involve them, with the aim of nurturing them to become ambassadors and potential peer educators once they have completed their sentences.”



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