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Toolkit launch: 5 ways to transform negative gender norms into positive ones

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9 December 2022 Tags: GBV, gender norms, gender-based violence, gender-transformative approach, SGBV, toolkit

Rutgers has launched a free five-module toolkit that support organisations tackling gender-based violence and improving sexual rights in transforming negative gender norms.

The toolkit consists of 5 separate modules (also available in French) and is based on Rutgers’ gender-transformative approach. This approach examines, questions and transforms rigid gender and sexual norms and underlying power imbalances, with the aim of inclusively improving the sexual and reproductive rights of young people.

Our approach addresses the root causes of sexual and gender-based violence – which impacts one in three women worldwide – and other harmful practices.

The time to tackle harmful norms and practices is now

Rutgers believes in changing norms and values that tolerate, justify and legitimise violence. Otherwise it will be impossible to prevent and end sexual and gender-based violence and ensure the rights of all young people.

In the toolkit each module delves deeper into a part of sexual and reproductive health and rights:

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